Bishop Williams installs members, former member of Macedonia

By Elder Jeffrey Hollingsworth |  January 24, 2015

Bishop Jimmie L. Williams, Florida Eastern Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Prelate, installed Mother Joanne Hill as Jurisdictional Supervisor of Women for a period of five years and presented Sister LaWanda Hill an annual appointment as the Music Department's Minister of Music for the Jurisdiction during the historic Consecration and Installation service on January 17, 2015 at the Greater Faith Church Of God in Fort Pierce, Fla.
The anointing of the Lord was truly present in the sanctuary as the atmosphere was electrifying from the time people entered the lobby to trying to find an available seat. People from all across Florida District churches gathered together to witness history in the making. Pastors, Missionaries and other dignitaries were dressed in their leadership attire while waiting for the entrance of newly God-appointed Bishop Williams.
As I sat and observed, I began to thank God for just having the opportunity of being there to witness this awesome event. The service started with the hymn “I Surrender All”. Next, Superintendent Wallace McLeod led the invocation which had people lifting up their hands and calling on the name of Jesus. Even after the prayer, many in the congregation were still praising God.
The sounds of praise thundered in the edifice as if we were spectators at a football game. That praise set the tone for the Ecclesiastical Processional. The Right Reverend Bishop Jimmie L. Williams led by his adjutants and armor bearers, made his grand entrance waving to all. As he took his seat, the Voices of Judah began singing “Great God, Great Vision, and Great Accomplishment”, drawing in the voices of the entire church as everyone sang, praised and worshipped God’s glorious name.
While the service continued, the congregation anxiously awaited to hear from God’s anointed leader. The reverend stood in front of the podium in his own humble way and softly said a brief prayer before he melodically graced the church with “I’m On the Battle Field Fighting for the Lord!”
I tell you he had everyone standing, singing and praising God. Just like the day of Pentecost, all were in one accord; from The Voices of Judah to the musicians and congregation! I must say that if you did not raise your hands, stomp your feet or lift your voices at that moment you missed out!
Bishop Williams’s message focused on Faith and Authority. He shared different excerpts from the Bible such as the Centurion soldier, the blind man and the wedding. He imparted unto the saints that each of these events focused on having faith and following authority. It didn’t matter if these individuals were Jews or Gentiles as well as believers or non-believers; these individuals recognized authority and did what was asked of them. In other words, like Nike “Just Do It!” they did it.
He made an appeal to anyone in the congregation that was going through any difficulties or issues to have them write on a piece of paper their problems and throw it down at the altar and leave it there. It looked like the entire church came up in herds to this command. I should know…I was up there myself.
Lastly, the service shifted to the installation of leaders. It was truly a historical moment seeing Mother Hill and Sister Hill being installed to serve in the jurisdiction, along with Pastor Wardell Chadwrick, a former member of Macedonia, as Superintendent and First Administrative Assistant to the Bishop. I truly believe that if the late Superintendent Paul Golatt, Sr., founder of Macedonia Church of God In Christ, were alive today he would undoubtedly be proud of his children.